Susan is a marital and family law trial attorney with over 26 years of legal experience. As Susan cultivated a practice, helping clients through stressful divorce and custody cases, she found that she was able to provide her clients with not only legal guidance, but also emotional support and an empathetic ear. Susan will bring these same qualities to the bench as a Circuit Court Judge. Susan has a solid and lengthy record of trial experience. She also demonstrates the even temperament and excellent listening skills good judges need. Susan treats all people with dignity and respect. Susan will be a Circuit Court Judge for all people. Susan has a demonstrated record of giving back to the Broward community. Susan actively participates in programs that assist Broward’s Veterans and children. Susan feels that civic involvement keeps her connected to her Broward County roots. She is a 47-year resident of Broward and a proud graduate of the Broward County Public Schools, K – 12.

Susan’s commitment to Broward County runs deep, and it is evident in all facets of her life. Susan views public service as a Circuit Court Judge to be the natural extension of her compassion and concern for the people of Broward County and her desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


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